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Check out this article about the coolest Formula Drift cars running V8s!


Our product

  • High Octane 
  • High Purity 
  • Clean Burning 
  • Made in the NW
  • Lower Emissions
  • Lower Cost

Thunderbolt Race Fuel is the right choice for today's high compression race engines. Our Pure Power alcohol based fuel delivers consistent performance at a much lower cost than petroleum products. Our process of distillation from waste products delivers superior, pure alcohol fuel. And it's made right here in the Northwest!

Thunderbolt purity increases horse-power, runs smoother, and delivers results. Every time. Every race.

Thunderbolt Fuel is available in both E85 and E98.




With this fuel, it’s 100% consistent, all the time. It’s amazing. The exhaust smells like berries. If the Thunderbolt, all-natural, eco-friendly fuel is not only better than that the other racing fuels, it would be, by far, better than the low-quality fuels that Americans are served every single day for their own cars.
— Matt Coffman, Driver, Coffman Racing





Kent, WA Area


Robbie Dilworth

(503) 919-1330



Spokane, WA Area


Angie Weaver (509) 951-4527

Stephen Weaver (509) 951-4522



Boring, OR Area


Steve Canton

(503) 816-5210


Clackamas/Damascus, OR Area


Sallie Sylvester 

(503) 459-8249


Tuning Services


Oregon City, OR Area

Want to convert your car to Thunderbolt ethanol? Come see the Paolo brothers for all of your ethanol conversion and engine tuning needs!

Bel-air Machine and Performance/Paolo Engine Service


Wayne Paolo (503) 860-4031

Sponsored Drivers

Formula Drift


Matt Coffman (Coffman Racing)

Owners/Drivers: Matt Coffman
Crew: Bill Conway, Blaine Cory, Jantzen Knips
Car: Nissan 240 SX S13
Engine: Rodgers Racing Engines RY Ford 6.7L V8
Horse Power: 910 HP
Tires/Wheels: Nexen/Rays
Suspension: WiseFab/KW Coilovers
Brakes: Wilwood Engineering
Fuel: Thunderbolt Racing Fuel
Exterior: Coffman Racing-Rocket Bunny Gen 2 Kit
Interior: Sparco/Motec


Rob Carlsen

Team: BE Performance
Car: Nissan
Engine: LS3
Horse Power: 810 HP
Tires/Wheels: Falken/Motegi
Suspension: Z32
Brakes: Wilwood Engineering
Fuel: Thunderbolt Racing Fuel
Exterior: KBD
Interior: Sparco


George Kiriakopoulos

Race Shop/Driver: George Kiriakopoulos
Engine: Ford 302 Based Roush Performance Block 366 Stroker NASCAR Engine RPM Redline 9200
Heads: Brodix Compression 13.5.1
Chassis: 2013 Nissan 370Z Nismo
Horse Power: 650 HP
Carburetor: Holley 850
Differential: Winters Quick Change
Gearbox: GSR Gforce 4 Speed
Fuel: Thunderbolt E85
Clutch: Clutchmasters FX725 Twin Plate
Brakes: R1 Concepts


Faruk kugay (Logic Aside)

Car Name: Raze'till
Crew: Marcus Fry, Kanyon Howard, Joey Redmond, Mike Tseng
Car: Nissan
Engine: 2jzgte
Horse Power: 700 HP
Tires/Wheels: Achilles/STR 901
Suspension: Feal Suspension coilovers, Wisefab Suspension
Brakes: 300zx
Fuel: Thunderbolt Racing Fuel
Exterior: Badass Parts Norge
Interior: Bimarco Seat, Illest Mamo Steering Wheel



Cameron Moore

Owner/Driver: Cameron Moore
City: Battle Ground, Washington
Crew: Lorne Alacano, Chuck Holt, Chase Lorfeld, Callie Alacano, Jodee Rogers
Car: Toyota GT86
Engine: M&B Cylinder Heads built 2JZ-GTEVVTI
Horsepower: 960 HP
Tires/Wheels: Nexen Tire/Cosmis Wheels
Suspension: BC Coilovers/WiseFab
Brakes: Wilwood Engineering
Fuel: Thunderbolt Racing Fuel E-85
Exterior: BN Sports
Interior: Cameron Moore/Motec


Juha Rintanen

Owner/Driver: Juha Rintanen
Chassis: JR Motorsport, Nissan Silvia S15
Engine: 2JZ-GTE VVTi, Garrett GTX3582R Turbo, Pure Performance 3.4L Stroker
Horsepower: 850 HP/880 ftlbs
Drivetrain: Dogbox Transmission, Quick change differential and Driveshaftshop strong axles
Fuel: Thunderbolt Racing Fuel E-85
Suspension: Wisefab steering and grip components, FEAL coilovers
Inside: Driftworks seats, harnesses, Motec electrics and ECU
Outside: BN Sports Blister widebodykit, STR Racing 514 Wheels, PP Design & Art graphics


Kelsey Rowlings (Team Drift Chick)

Owner/Driver: Kelsey Rowlings
Chassis: 1996 Nissan 240SX
Engine: Supercharged 5.0 Aluminator NA with Haltech management
Drivetrain: ACT Clutch, Driveshaft Shop driveshaft, Winters Quick Change differential
Fuel: Thunderbolt Racing Fuel E-85
Outfit: Achilles Radial tire, Konig Hypergram Wheels, BC Racing Suspension
Interior: Sparco seats, harness and safety gear, Fresh Air System Technology driver cooling system



Owners/Drivers: Trenton Beechum
Car: 2014 S197 Ford Mustang
Engine: 5.0 Ford Aluminator
Horse Power: 800 HP
Tires/Wheels: Nexen/Ambit                                                  Suspension: KW Coilovers
Brakes: Wilwood Engineering
Fuel: E85 Thunderbolt Racing Fuel
Exterior: Roush Body Kit
Interior: Sparco/Motec

Brian Cairns Car Pic.jpg

Brian Cairns (Autocross) 

Owner/Driver: Brian Cairns
Car: 2000 Mazda Miata
Engine: Supermiata Racing-Whammy Engine
Turbo System: Trackspeed Engineering Borg Warner EFR
Engine Control: Flyin Miata-Hydra Nemisis                                  a
Fuel: Thunderbolt Racing Fuel E-85
Transmission: Johnny Hightower 4 Speed
Brakes: Good-Win Racing
Suspension: Supermiata Racing-XIDA                                                  Wheels: 949 Racing 6UL                                                                      Tires: Hoosier Racing A7

Drag Racing


John Hamilton (rolling THUNDER)

Car: 1932 Bantam Alterd
Wheelbase: 123″
Engine: Chevy 355, 13.5-to-1 forged JE Pistons, Total Seal Gapless Rings
Horsepower: 425
Cam: Sig Earson Solid Lifter
Transmission: Two-speed Powerglide Short Shaft
Fuel: Thunderbolt e85 Ethanol


Sallie Sylvester (Red Thunder)

Owners/Drivers: Sallie Sylvester
Chassis: 2008 Parker Race Shoppe
Engine: 518 Dart Big Block Chevy
Cam: 800 lift blower Comp Cam
Supercharger: 8-71 BDS
Transmission: ATI Supercase 2-Speed Powerglide
Rear End: Custom Housing with Strange 9″ Differential
Fuel: Thunderbolt e85 Ethanol
Horsepower: 1,200+



Vehicle: 1963 Chevy Corvair Monza
Owner: Steve Canton
Builders: Dickie Sills, Chris Marshall, Bill King, Steve Canton
Major Mods: Full steel tunnel w/2×3 frame, 10-pt. roll cage
Paint: PPG Licorice Black
Painter: Chris Marshall
Engine: Raybourne Performance 383 Dart
Transmission: ATI Turbo 350
Intake & Carb: Blower Shop 6-71 supercharger w/Mighty Demon 750’s
Exhaust: Custom fenderwell headers into Doug Throley Corvette pipes
Rear End: Chris Alston 9″, Strange axels, 4.30 full spool
Suspension: Front; Straight axel on parallel leafs. Rear; Parallel 4-link w/anti-roll
Wheels: Front; 15×3.5 Crager Classic 5-spoke. Rear; 15×10 Crager Classic 5-spoke.



Car: 2015 Corvette Z06
Headers: 1 7/8" American Racing tube headers & 3" catless x pipe
Intake: Advanced Flow Engineering cold air intake
Upper Blower Pulley: Lingenfelter
Lower Blower Pulley: Innovators West
Injection: Devils Own Meth with dual 10 gallon/hr spray nozzles
Nitrous Outlet: 100 to 200 HP progressive nitrous oxide, 2 steps colder plugs
Ethanol Sensor: Halltech
HP: 878 Wheel HP and 844 Wheel Torque on 200 HP shot of nitrous
Tuned By: Speed Factory
Fuel: Thunderbolt E-85


Daddy's Mid-life Crisis (Team Z Racing)

Driver: Heather Rose Ziebert
Owners: Steve, Dee, and Heather Rose Ziebert
Crew Chief: Kevin Kelsey
Boat: 1970 Kona Runner bottom
Engine: Balanced 468ci Big Block Chevy-12.5:1 Compression, 633 lift hydraulic comp cam.
Carburetor: Quick Fuel 4500 Series 1050 Dominator Ethanol, Bassett 3" Headers.
Impeller: Berkeley Jet w/Aggressor B brass
Horse Power: 700 HP
Fuel: Thunderbolt E-85

About Us

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At Summit Natural Energy, we believe in reducing waste in any way we can. That's why our parent company, Summit Foods, Inc., decided to start making racing fuel. Making dried fruit produces a lot of sugary waste, which is very expensive to dispose of. So, instead of dumping our byproducts down the drain, we distill them into pure alcohol, which we convert into high-octane racing fuel. By disposing of our food waste responsibly, we believe that we are not only helping the environment, but also helping to make the world a better, cleaner place. Of course, we are also proud that our ethanol is the cleanest, most efficient racing fuel around! Check out the videos below for the whole story about our company. 

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