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Our Fuel

Looking for a high-quality alcohol racing fuel? Look no further than Thunderbolt! Stored in a water-tight environment and blended to order, every gallon of Thunderbolt burns the same as the last. This means that you can say goodbye to constantly tuning your engine, and hello to more track-time!

Pure, clean-burning, and unbelievably consistent, Thunderbolt Racing Fuel delivers spectacular results.Every time. Every Race.

For detailed specifications, pricing, or other questions, please see “Contact Us” above. We would love to tell you how thunderbolt can make the most out of your racing engine!

[Available in E-85, E-98, and custom blends.]


Our Story

Thunderbolt Racing fuel was born out of the food industry. Our parent company, Summit Foods, Inc,. produces thousands of pounds of dried fruit each year. Making dried fruit produces a lot of sugary waste, which is very expensive to dispose of. So, instead of dumping these byproducts down the drain, we came up with a sustainable solution: we distill them into pure alcohol, which we convert into high-octane racing fuel!

By disposing of our food waste responsibly, we believe that we are not only helping the environment, but also helping to make the world a better, cleaner place. Of course, we are also proud that our ethanol is the cleanest, most powerful racing fuel around! Check out the videos below for the whole story about our company. 


The Summit Foods Family

Although Summit Foods, Inc. is a small family business, we have a lot going on. Visit the links below to learn more about who we are and what we do!